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“American Badass: A Michael Madsen Retrospective” is a documentary featuring the life and career of actor and poet Michael Madsen, known for his iconic performances within the Quentin Tarantino universe and credited
in more than 120 studio pictures.

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2022. The world is in chaos. Banks and retail stores are under attack. Looting, robbery, and loan fraud are rampant.
To restore law and order, the private sector created a team of enforcers:

Under the direction of Arizona Pinnacle Bank, Cash Collectors have authority to recover stolen property by any means necessary. Channel 3 Los Angeles acquired the rights from Pinnacle Bank to broadcast live collections for a
Global TV Show ...

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Chuck Zito: An American Story  is a documentary featuring multi-talented and versatile Chuck Zito : Boxer, martial arts expert, bodyguard, stunt man, actor, and ex-president of the New York Hells Angels club.

A path forged with honor, respect and integrity as conveyed by his respected family and later on, embraced by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities to oversee their private security details.

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